Make an AR-Code and AR-Code post.

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How to make an AR-Code and an AR-Code post cheaply!

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You do not have a budget, this procedure makes it cheaper to make an AR-Code and an AR-Code post.
I tested: it will withstand the worst weather and for more than 2 years.
Attention the size and the mode of printing chosen are tested so that an AR-Code is usable with more than 1.50 meters with a smartphones low-end (50 €)

Select the content with which you want to make an AR-Code.


1 - You go to the bottom of the page and select: " Share "
2 - Then always at the bottom of the page select: " AR-Code "

You can then save the image for later printing or print immediately.

the budget is calculated on the basis of A4 format with 9 AR-Codes per page and maximum 180 pages per ink cartridge: 1620 AR-Codes.
Ink cartridge 29 € / maximum 180 pages.

Print the AR-Code.

Budget from 39 € to 70 €, or by AR-Code from 0.02 € to 0.04 €.
By simplification for the explanation of the procedure, only one AR-Code is used, it is also very easy to put several AR-Codes on the same page (9 AR-Codes on an A4).
You print by selecting in the printer settings the correct paper size, print quality " High " in order to have maximum contrast, since it will be in full sun or there may be have less light at times, and knowing that the best ratio of background and color is White and Black.
If you do not have a printer, in the photos the printer used is a Canon MG2150 which was worth 60 € (4800x1200 dpi), Ink cartridge 29 € / maximum 180 pages, you will have the same thing now with:
Canon MG2550S about 41 €.

The paper used is A6 glossy photo 240 g / m2 50 sheets (about 10 €), the grammage is essential to have the thickest.

Laminate the AR-Code.

Budget from 17 € to 43 €, or by AR-Code from 0.01 € to 0.04 €.
The laminator used is a Pavo 8004072 (about 26 €)

Laminating pouches , " Laminating poutches " Pavo Brilliant, water resistant pack of 100 (about 17 €).
Follow the instructions for using the laminator.
Remember to put the attached side of the pouch to make it go first and use it to stall the edge of the AR-Code, as in the picture.
Wait at least 1 minute for the assembly to cool.

Cut out the AR-Code.

Budget from 0 € to 17 €.
Maped Compact Cut A4 paper cutter (about 17 €)

Place the AR-Code.

A tip always check that you are using the correct AR-Code.

Make an AR-Code post.

Budget per post: 20,2 €.
How to make an outdoor pole with a design integrating everywhere, always with a limited budget.
He is ready to start telling stories.

Some examples of use through photos:
Key sitetired.

Wash-house of a small village.

Lost in the countryside.

In the middle of the bushes.

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The elements used

7x7 100 cm 3,90 €

2 possible cases:

1 - Base post to sink galva 7 x 7 cm 4,80 €, attention the part to push in the ground is 60 cm.

2 - Base post to fix galva 7 x 7 cm 4,95 € to fix.

Post caps 4 caps Blooma metal finish powder 7 x 7 cm (x 4) 10 €

If you have used other systems or tips, do not hesitate to put them in the comments.

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